Recommended baby strollers 2020

Recommended Baby Strollers – 2020

A baby stroller is one of the essential products a new parent needs.
Purchasing a new baby stroller is very similar to buying a new car.
The stroller must meet many prerequisites such as comfort, size, how it folds, storage, how it functions under space conditions, and what ages it fits.

And as in the automotive world – baby strollers also have different brands at different price levels.

Before you start reading the next article, set aside a certain amount of money and try not to exceed it, all strollers in the article are eligible for purchase and will be used from birth to at least three years of age.

What we are looking for?

We must point out that we prefer large and medium strollers and lesser small strollers, forgive us in advance. We understand the desire for easy and quick folding but not at the expense of the child’s sense of sitting in the cart.

 If we consider it in time, then we fold the cart and put it in the vehicle a maximum of 4 times a day and that too if we went crazy.

Folding the stroller and putting it in the vehicle in any situation can take up to 2 minutes while the child sits in the stroller for several hours a day.

We prefer that the child get maximum comfort even if it requires us a little more effort in folding and lifting the stroller.

Bugaboo Fox Complete Full-Size Stroller

Bugaboo has been the undisputed brand for many years in the strollers market, their best selling model in the world for several years being the Cameleon model across all its releases.

The Bugaboo Company was founded in 1999 by two brothers in the Netherlands and was the first to realize that the stroller is more than an accessory, and it is a fashion item that every parent wants to have.

The Bugaboo Fox Stroller came out into the world in early 2018, and that is after the Bugaboo Company realized that parents love big but low weighted strollers and therefore created something innovative, a large-sized 21.8 pounds stroller – deficient weight for the category.

The Fox model designed for children up to 48.5lbs – Amazing.

Bugaboo also created something particularly innovative – This time, the company decided it wanted to take the style to the extreme by choosing the color of the wheels.


  • No Sun-roof
  • Unfriendly first assembly
  • Unfriendly parts switch


  • Very low weight compared to the category
  • Up to 48.5lbs Seat
  • 22lb-capacity under-seat basket
  • Big Bassinet 
  • Great shadow
  • High-quality wheels
  • Design

Bugaboo Bee 5

It is impossible to ignore the presence of the Bugaboo bee5 Stroller. Probably wherever we move our head, we will see it.

The Bee series started somewhere in 2007 and is an accessible stroller in the world, especially in large, crowded cities.

The Bugaboo Bee was one of the first integrated strollers in the small-sized series after the company realized that the world was getting crowded and decided to focus on the parents and give them lightweight folding strollers that are small and compact.

The Bugaboo Bee 5 replaced the previous one (Series 3) right at the beginning of 2017 and brought many new improvements over the previous model, such as a new seat, more natural connection of accessories, spectacular designs, and more. The stroller fits from birth to 33lbs and weighs only 19.6lbs.


  • Not sidewalk friendly.
  • Initial assembly is difficult.
  • Low seat.
  • Fold only at right angles (with the stroller).
  • Environmentally exposed seat.


  • Spectacular design.
  • Small and light folding.
  • Excellent maneuverability with one hand.
  • Large storage basket.
  • Telescopic handle for different heights.
  • Excellent shock absorbers.
  • Huge shading.

Peg Perego Onyx

A New baby stroller by Peg Perego.
About Peg Perego: The company is a long-established Italian company that started in 1949.
Beyond that, the company was the sole dominator of the market in the 1980s. After several years, Peg Perego decided to renew the world of strollers and bring a new “frame” into the world (the frame is the vehicle to which the Bassinet and seat are attached) instead of the traditional structure called the BOOK.

We saw the stroller and said, finally! Maybe it’s because we’ve known the Book structure for many years, and it’s time to regenerate, and perhaps it’s because they seem to level up.

The stroller itself is suitable for childbirth from birth to a 50lbs who is about age 8, the frame weighs 22lbs, and with the seat weighs 25.6 pounds. The handle itself is a telescopic handle that the old frames did not have until now and is suitable for parents of different heights, and the shading comes with a +50 UV radiation filter.


  • Heavy
  • Large when folded
  • Big Bassinet to store
  • Leg stoppers


  • Up to 50lbs Seat
  • Shock absorbers
  • High quality fabric
  • High capacity under-seat basket

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