10 Quarantine activities for toddlers

10 Quarantine Activities for Toddlers

The Coronavirus has brought us, the parents, to a situation where we did not believe we would arrive. The children who got used to the kindergarten or school stay at home for an extended time, and we have to be there for them to play, enjoy, educate, and teach.
Here are ten things you can do with the kids during the quarantine.

1. Set up a treasure hunt

Select up to 10 objects and hide them around the house, next to each item Leave a hint for searching for the following item

Smiling little boy and girl discovers treasure while sitting in big old chest

2. Bingo

It is a great time to teach kids numbers. Draw bingo cards together, numbered from 1 to 24. You can roll dice and calculate the result together.

3. Baking

Bake cakes, bread, cookies, brownies, The process is fun and satisfying, and the result will bring a smile to the face of all members of the household.

4. Have a family meeting (Online)

Zoom is a great way to connect with family and friends while practicing “social distancing.” Use it to check in on family members and it’s so easy that you can do it with friends from school or kindergarten.

How to contact family via zoom

5. Practice cutting with scissors

An Amazing occupational therapy exercise for kids is practicing scissors. If you have safety scissors at home, watch and help your child learn how to cut up old scrap paper. Try to cut shapes, starting from square to stars, challenging your toddler slowly, and safety.

schoolboy showing how to use scissors cutting paper on white background with copy space, Kid boy using scissors cut easter egg in the class room, Children activities at school concept

6. Make your own board game

Encourage your child to imagine and put their thoughts into action on a fantastic board game. They set the rules, as well as the players and the way to victory. You will be amazed at how well-developed and entertaining your child’s brain is.

7. origami

Here’s something that never gets tired and can be repeated several times during the quarantine – origami. All you need is a pack of pages and this guide.

quarantine activities for kids - origami

8. Virtual tours

While you can’t leave the house for a walk, you can get to know new places! Here are some recommended virtual tours :

virtual tours for quarantine time

9. Indoor Camping

Do you have a tent at home? Cans? It’s enough to pick up an exciting home camping! You can incorporate some other moving survival games like crawling into the bedroom or climbing a sofa.

Home camping for quarantine - indoor camping

10. Dance, Dance, Dance

At least once a day, it is worth playing the music and dancing with the children, moving the body, flowing the blood, raising the pulse. Dance is bliss, and luckily we have endless amounts of it.

dancing in quarantine

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